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Protection against stinging and biting insects

Repellent for skin (stings and bites)

Repellent for clothing

Sachet containing small balls impregnated with insect-repelling Geraniol-based oils that evaporate readily into the air due to their high Vapour pressure.

Place one or more sachets in a closed space.
Hang by a string between clothing in closets or tuck into piles linen.
Placed directly against wooden furniture, it will impregnate the wood with its repelling scent.

Other uses:
Repels moths and grain mites. Treat the walls of cupboards and wherever food susceptible to insect infestation is stored.
Protects closed spaces for up to six months (wardrobes, cupboards, cellars, larders, etc…)

Asphyxiates insects by cutting off the oxygen supply to their tracheal system.
Also dissolves the chitin of insect exoskeletons.
Effective against insects resistant to other insecticides
Plant-based active ingredient.
Geraniol is a 100% plant-based insecticide that is extracted through a purely physical process in an autoclave.

Using a process at the appropriate vacuum and pressure levels, the water vapour placed into contact with the natural base oils absorbs the essential oils contained in them.

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