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Dust-mites produce allergen dusts…
There is no medical treatment for quiet humans boring allergic reacts, the only possible treatment against the troubles caused by this kind of allergies aim:
- to eliminate the dust-mites with an acaricide barrier: so, dust production is stopped.
- to eliminate the dusts accumulated by aspiration.

First treatment target: the bedding
The dust-mites mainly proliferate in mattresses, bases and pillows. They find in them warmth, food and humidity thanks to the sleepers presence.
Treat also net curtains and double curtains: furthermore, it will protect your house against flying insects intrusion.
Treat also the carpets, the armchairs, the sofas with textiles stuffings.

Preventive and curative hygiene
Preventive treatment of no infested areas. The dust-mites cannot penetrate and breed on the treated support.
Curative treatment of the infested supports by dust-mites colonies: let the treatment dry, and regularly vacuum the allergen dusts (for lowering the allergen reactions activation threshold of the sensitive people).

The dust-mites barrier lasts for six months and more in a bedding not very exposed to the light and to the UV rays.

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